Care Beyond Point-of-Care

Extending Care Beyond Point-of-Care

fitangoHealth is an innovative, integrated platform covering the spectrum from Prevention through High Risk Intervention to Chronic Care Coordination. The platform allows providers and payers to coordinate care in a revolutionary way, resulting in better health outcomes and ensures that patients are engaged every step of the way.

What Makes fitangoHealth Unique?

"...While most EHR systems start their life around automating the main business and administrative process at hospitals and doctor offices, building fitangoHealth started at a completely different place: the patient’s home. fitangoHealth is a patient-centric platform that engages the patient, their care team, family members and the payer, all on one platform.  

fitangoHealth’s integrated components provide a cohesive Patient Engagement and Care Coordination platform that works to manage patients and their care team post-discharge, meet Meaningful Use requirements, and reduce the hospital readmission rate. Ultimately, fitangoHealth will improve the quality of care provided and increase patient satisfaction, while it simultaneously helps the health system and payers to contain costs..."

Dr. Natalie Bloch, MD – CMO

fitangoHealth manages your patients at every stage of healthcare.


Preventative Action Plans, ranging from diets, exercise routines and stress management solutions, provide your patients with control over their own well-being

High Risk

Care Plans combined with Action Plans give patients the management tools they need to be active participants in their own health.

Chronic Care

Chronic Care Plans are generated by your organizations assessment process, facilitating an accurate implementation of the treatment plan.

Two different care paths on one cohesive platform


  • Integrated delivery of healthcare services
  • Individualized plans of care (POC)
  • Stratification of patient risk
  • Immediate clinical alerts with escalation
  • Team coordination with tasklist and timeline tools
  • Universal patient and team member calendar
  • Population, Team, and Network management
  • Communication suite


  • Patient-centric platform
  • Medication compliance tools
  • Patient and team communication
  • Comprehensive Planstore
  • Educational library and discussion board
  • Family and support system involvement
  • Real-time alerts and reminders
  • Rewards and incentives
$26 Billionwere spent last year on hospital readmissions alone
86%of our Healthcare dollars were spent on the treatment of chronic care
1/2of all chronic deseases are linked to preventable problems including smoking and obesity

Access from everywhere

fitangoHealth™ is available on the web and iOS/Android mobile platforms.

About Us

Fitango Health, Inc., an innovative developer of healthcare IT solutions, was founded in 2010 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and health care specialists. Our mission is to help healthcare organizations improve the monitoring of collaborative care, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and increase care plan adherence at a lower cost.